Saturday, August 16, 2014

RhinoDillos Are the Best Tire Liners By Every Measure You Can Imagine - Interbike 2014

Stop more flats, easier to install, don't cause flats - No other brand can claim these advantages!

Clean Motion is like the Gallup of the bicycle industry. We are on the phone year round polling bicycle retailers all over the United States to determine how they feel about various products that we carry, but also to inquire about other potential products. From these conversations we make decisions about how to improve our existing items, and determine the possible needs we can fill in the future through the invention of new, cool gear.

A perfect example of this process can be seen in the RhinoDillos tire liner changes introduced earlier this year. Tire liners have been on the market for over 30 years. When we introduced the RhinoDillos line in 2012, it was the first major improvement in the category in the new millennium. Dealers and consumers alike were shocked to see how much better RhinoDillos were at stopping flats. Since the cost was the same or less than the less effective competition, many retailers immediately switched to RhinoDillos.

However, through our phone calling, we learned that dealers had other issues with tire liners. Basically:
  1. Tire liners sometimes caused flats because of sharp edges on the end of the liner.
  2. Tire liners were hard to install because they came tightly rolled, and the liner wanted to hold that shape.
  3. The category wasn't getting enough attention to create consumer demand

If those three issues could be addressed, the product would basically be perfect. How hard could it be to come up with a packaging solution that would allow for the product to arrive uncoiled or loosely coiled, so that it would be easier to install. Not hard at all. But our designers were able to accomplish the new packaging in a way that took up no additional display space, looked great, and provided more exposure to the consumer of the selling points. Almost a year later the other brands continue to roll their product tight.

Time to tackle the sharp end issue. Tire liners are made of urethane. In order for the urethane to stop sharp object from penetrating to the tube, the material needs to have a substantial surface hardness. That surface hardness is great for stopping thorns, but is abrasive, too. Solution, cover the end with a much softer material to protect the tube. We chose silicone. After months of testing various ways to attach the silicone to the urethane, we successfully introduced "Soft Tips" to the bicycle industry in the Spring of 2014.

Now, there is an old saying that "You can't even sell pure gold for $20 a ounce if no one knows you are offering such a deal." The competitor tire liner companies had done absolutely nothing for a generation to advertise the category. Clean Motion wants the entire world to know that there really is an easy, light weight, proven method for stopping over 95% of puncture flats. Therefore we have been advertising RhinoDillos through local and regional print advertising.

Cyclists - There are independent bicycle dealers in virtually every city that carry RhinoDillos tire liners. We have a dealer locator here. If your favorite dealer doesn't carry RhinoDillos, you might want to send him an email with a link to this post, or print it out and take it to him.

Bicycle Retailers - While we at Clean Motion understand the value of a brand name, we believe that leading brands need to keep up on technology, packaging, and marketing, or they no longer deserve to be the leading brand. RhinoDillos tire liners are clearly the leader in every aspect, and also available from major distributors including KHS, J & B, Wilson, Olympic, Down East, and Hans Johnson.  See us in booth 13159 at Interbike 2014.

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